So Much Has Happened


So much has happened since last week. In fact, so much has happened since this morning. I’ve been interviewed by a media outlet called The Sixth Tone, and photographed by some other Chinese media outlet (maybe CN). No. Nothing bad has happened to me. Apparently, someone is doing a story on our English language mass. I think it could be because the World Wide Day of Prayer for the Chinese Church is coming up soon. It could also be that a short while ago the President of Italy visited China and wanted to attend mass at our church, but at the last minute, the Chinese government wouldn’t allow it. Maybe the story on our church is just to attract tourists. I’ll let you know when the story comes out.

The Sixth Tone story, on the other hand, has to do with some social activism I participated in on Monday. I joined a feminist wechat group. Then I agreed to meet for some activism without asking very many questions about what we were going to do. I was so happy when I showed up at the metro station, and two Chinese women were waiting with signs. They have a picture of a cat who is telling a pig that he can’t touch her even though she is cute. Behind the animals, you can see they are riding on a metro. We walked around with the signs, and we asked passersby to pose with them. We also took the opportunity to share our radical idea that no one should be harassed while riding the metro. Most people received this information very well. I felt so much joy supporting and encouraging my new friends to speak up for what is right.

When the articles come out, I promise to share them here. Until then, I promise to spend the rest of my time in China doing things I love—like riding my new bike, watching my friends perform at international music festivals, filming lectures on APA style, finding weird bugs in Expo Park, and drinking coffee.