Vampires Are Afraid of Garlic


Tonight at Pacific Coffee, I learned how to say “vampires are afraid of garlic” in Chinese.  To explain why I carried a bag of fresh garlic (and a full-sized fan) into Pacific Coffee tonight, I should back up a few steps. At church, Professor Wu brought us a bag of fresh garlic from his home village. He thought to bring it because he took us to have lunch with the Bishop of a different diocese yesterday. During lunch, Jeremy and Asher ate whole garlic cloves with their soup. The Bishop and Professor Wu thought they were strong for being able to enjoy so much garlic, and Professor Wu promised to bring them the best garlic in China at church the next day.

On Saturday, Professor Wu—the same one who gave us Chinese Salamanders to keep as pets—took us on the Catholic tour of China. We started at a seminary that also houses and trains nuns. We toured everything from the priest’s room to classrooms, the library, and the church. The whole compound felt so peaceful and joyful. Next, we drove out of town to meet the Bishop. We toured the construction site for the new diocese buildings, and we went into town to eat lunch. In addition to all of this, we toured an old folks home and drove up into the mountains to see salamanders.

By the time we arrived home, we were exhausted. I fell asleep without even turning off the light or brushing my teeth. About one o’clock in the morning, I woke up because tiny vampires (mosquitoes) were biting me all over. I couldn’t find them or make them stop, but after about two hours, I calmed myself down enough to go back to sleep. This morning I vowed to do something to keep the mosquitoes from tormenting me again tonight.

Today, after church, Professor Wu remember the bag of garlic, and we rode the 43 bus to the Tang West Market carrying the garlic with us. We ate pizza at Fly Elephant Pizza with Dieudonne, then went downstairs to the RT Mart to buy a fan. I thought the fan would keep the mosquitoes away. Then, to celebrate our good sportsmanship, we stopped by Pacific Coffee. We tried to give our bus boy friend some garlic when we left, but he refused furiously. Apparently, he really dislikes garlic. I told him he was a vampire—then I had to look it up on pleco the dictionary app to see how to say vampire in Chinese. We had a great laugh together. As we left, Jeremy said if I’d told him this morning he would learn how to say “vampires are afraid of garlic” this evening, he wouldn’t have believed me.