Our Last Day

IMG_2295[1]Today is our last day in Xi’an. Tomorrow we will fly back to Kansas City. Yesterday we started to feel sad. We had lunch at our favorite restaurant—the one we don’t know its name—with our friends Jado and Dieudonne. Then we went to church at St Francis Cathedral one last time. St Francis has been our haven here, and it is hard to say goodbye to it and to all our friends there.

This morning we stopped by to say goodbye to the people who make our favorite breakfast food at the West Gate. We gave some of our plants to our neighbor who keeps a garden. She was the lady who had a duck back in September. We also walked onto the old campus to get coffee from Big Tiger and his mom one more time.

It is hard to believe that most of last week we were in Hong Kong. We stayed at our favorite Regal Airport Hotel again. Then we took the train in to Victoria Harbor and the ferry to Lamma Island. We think next time we come to Asia we will take a writer’s retreat to Lamma Island—the island of no cars. The plant and insect life there remind me of El Salvador and Thailand.

So today we will make the most of our time by saying goodbye to people we will miss. But tomorrow we look forward to seeing our family and friends in the United States again. So today is bittersweet for us.




The Week in Photos

Since I’m sure everyone is ready to think happy thoughts at this point in the week, I thought I would show you some of the fun parts of my last few days.

Wednesday, Jeremy and I were invited to a lecture on International Environmental Law  given by a Scottish Professor. We met him and the Chinese Professors who invited him to Xi’an at this lovely coffee shop. By the way, it is easy to agree with environmental protections when the air quality makes it hard to breathe as it does in China.


On Thursday, I went to my Chinese class. We worked on the difficult consonant sounds (j, q, x, z, s, c) in Chinese. Then my teacher wrote my name in Chinese characters. Here it is.


Later on Thursday, we ate dinner at the Wang’s house. We translate things we want to say using cellphones. (They have a very cute dog.)


Friday, Jeremy and I taught all day, so we decided to treat ourselves to dinner. We went somewhere new, and we got yucca fries and barbecue pork. The pork came with an adorable garnish.  Oh yeah, Friday was Singles Day in China. We got our lunch for half price, and I bought new clothes at H&M on sale too.


On Saturday, we got up early and visited a school where little children learn English. In the afternoon, I met a former student, Lisa, and helped her with her graduate school application. Then we enjoyed delicious hot pot. It came with a fruit tree.


Sunday morning, we attended the grand opening of our friend Sun Jing’s school where she will teach English to children. It was a lovely ceremony. We were honored to be invited.


Finally, Sunday afternoon, Asher and I served in our church. It was a beautiful end of the week.


We capped off the weekend by eating nachos and watching the end of Captain America. I’m going to focus my attention on how lovely the sunshine is. This week, I’m going to think happy thoughts…