Hurry Up and Say Goodbye

I walked in the door of the apartment after saying goodbye to my last class at NPU, and Jeremy told me to sit down. “Asher and I want to talk to you about something.” “Ok,” I said. “How would you like to go home sooner? Because we are ready to go home, and I think I can move our ticket up,” Jeremy said. And right then we decided that June 29 was too long to wait to return to Kansas City. So, Jeremy bought plane tickets for June 20. We should arrive in Kansas City at about 5:00 p.m.

Then we had to think about the ramifications of this decision. I still have four classes worth of finals to score and grades to calculate by hand. We have people to say goodbye to. We are leaving for our trip to Hong Kong Tuesday, so we will only have three days left in China when we return. And of course, there are goodbye dinners to eat.

We had the first set of these over the weekend. Several of Jeremy’s students organized a dinner on the roof of the Tang West Market. We watched the sunset from a glass dining room. It was lovely. Monday, we had lunch with more of Jeremy’s students. Then I met with my feminist friends for the last time at Meeting Jazz. I got a t-shirt that says, “This is what a feminist looks like” in Chinese.

I’m beginning to feel sad about leaving Xi’an. This is good. I stayed long enough.




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