A Week in Food


This week we had a few culinary adventures. On Monday, we walked into the High-Tech Industries neighborhood, and we tried a restaurant called Green Molly’s. We read on-line that they had good pizza, so that is what we ordered, but they also had all manner of western food on the menu. The atmosphere was very comfortable, and they had outdoor seating which we would like to try next time.

Tuesday we tried to find the western food grocery store called Ole. We took a bus, but accidentally got off one stop too soon. This led us on a longer walk than we planned, but it was a lovely day to walk near the city wall, so no harm was done. At any rate, we came home with tortillas, cheese, salsa, and Doritos. So we had tacos for dinner and egg burritos for breakfast.

Wednesday night is always pizza night in the Gulley household. Friday we got to attend an amazing bible study at our friend Jabran’s house. On the way home, we bought street noodles and cokes. Saturday, we had Indian food at Redfort. As usual, we ran into people we knew there, and it felt just like home.

Sunday, though, is the best day of the week. This is because we eat halal food after church. Then after dinner, we went on campus to get some coffee, and we ran into Jado! We spent a long time standing around the coffee stand laughing with Jado, Dieudonne, AJ, and Cindy. This was the highlight of our week.



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