Weekly Update


This week I spent all day Monday and all day Tuesday grading argument essays. Of course, that is what most people do when they are on sabbatical from their jobs teaching writing…they go grade papers in a different location. 🙂 Actually, most of the papers were interesting to read. Also on Monday and Tuesday we went to the newly re-opened Redfort Indian restaurant for their 50% off sale.

Wednesday I taught sophomore writing, and we spent time peer reviewing and discussing subject/verb agreement. And Wednesday night we ate pizza at Fly Elephant. That night I did my Chinese homework at Pacific Coffee. I had to write in characters for the first time.

Thursday I prepared for my weekend conference presentation and attended Chinese class in the afternoon. That night we went back to Redfort for the third time in a week. It was awesome because we met a family from Pakistan who had a darling one year old son who wandered around the restaurant. As we were leaving, our friends Stephanie and Bastian came in and we got to distract them from their dinner for a minute.

Friday, I took my very first tai chi class. I enjoyed it, but I found it surprisingly difficult. I spotted a young man in front of me who seemed to know what he was doing, so I just followed him for most of the class. Friday afternoon, I took a walk with my new friend Selena. She spent a year at JCCC in 2005, and she had pictures of herself with Ellen Mohr and Dr. Carlson. She told me she attended Steve Gerson’s tech writing class.

Saturday and Sunday I attended the International Workshop on Comparative Studies of Language Research and Education between China and the West. This was organized by the School of Foreign Languages at NPU, they invited faculty from a university in Sweden that they collaborate with to also attend. I presented on Sunday morning. My topic was American Teacher’s Attitudes towards MLA 8. I put my project on a padlet, and you can access it here if you are interested https://padlet.com/bgulley/o02op2t1t4e9.

This week, I will go back to grading papers. I also need to prepare for my other two classes (Freshman Intensive Oral English) which begin on Thursday. Maybe I need to track down more Indian food to sustain myself.



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