Spring finally sprang out of the dark rain and cheered us all up this weekend. On Friday and Saturday, I took long walks in Fengqing Park to drink in the sunshine and admire the flowers floating in the tree boughs. Spring also showed up in my attitude and my satisfaction with my work.

Wednesday, my sophomore writing classes wrote Thank You notes for their journal assignment. I wrote along with them. I felt like I could reframe the rest of my day by saying thank you to someone in both of my classes. By the way, I am especially thankful to my student Camille for writing an essay about turtles. (If you have a turtle that was raised in captivity you should not release it into the wild. It might not be equipped to survive, or it could be an invasive species.)

Thursday, Jeremy and I met with Professor Zhang Fuli to discuss several faculty development projects we are privileged to help with. I was excited to tour the Center for Faculty Development. They actually had a classroom with movable tables. In addition, they had a classroom where teachers could film themselves teaching.

This, of course, led to Friday. I got up early, put on the outfit I was instructed to wear, and tied my hair up. My colleague, Lucy, met me at my gate, and we drove to the video studio where I recorded another educational video. When we got to the studio, I learned that I could leave my hair down (yay!). Also, I needed to re-record my last video. I also recorded a new video on doing library research. Next time, I think I will share my thoughts about notetaking. (I’m sure you are all waiting for the sequel—Outlining—to come out in a theater near you.)

Since the sunshine for two days in a row has made me full of gratitude, I will leave you with a list of the little things I’m grateful for this week. 1) I got a free muffin at Pacific coffee because the employees there are simply nice. 2) I was able to buy street popcorn twice this week. 3) In church, we sang the song I did for my high school choir project (Shine Jesus Shine). 4) I bought flowers and they still smell good. 5) I got to watch over an hour and a half of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before the buffering became too much to deal with. It has been a good week.



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