Lovely Moments


This week has some lovely moments. On Wednesday, I collected the first round of final drafts from my sophomore writing students. I have given them a preliminary read through, and the students made revisions based on my feedback. Not much makes a writing teacher happier than that. Also on Wednesday, we met with a former student and a few current students at the coffee shop on campus, and we chatted about education and American culture.

Friday, despite Jeremy’s warning that I was looking for trouble, I went to a studio and videotaped a lecture on how to generate a research paper topic.  It took two takes, but I still might have to do it over again. When I watched myself on the video, I realized that I licked my lips too often (my mouth was dry), and I messed up in one part and after that I got nervous.

I have done a few informational videos for JCCC, and none of them were quite as involved as this process. The instructional designer working with NPU made me bring four different outfits, and she was not happy with any of them. She also insisted that I put my hair up. Fortunately, my friend who really owns this project warned me about what would happen before I got to the studio. I’m going back next Friday to talk about how to find research paper sources. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, Asher couldn’t find his calligraphy materials. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because his teacher moved him from the pen to the brush. At the end of class, he received all new materials, and his joy in calligraphy renewed. While he was in class, Jeremy and I walked around Xi’an, and we saw a huge crane knocking down an old apartment building. We stood gawking at it for quite a while, and other people stopped to stare as well. We were all lucky we didn’t get hit by a bus while standing in the street. It is so satisfying to watch walls fall down.

Today, of course, is Sunday. And Sunday is our happy day. Father Steven’s brother (who is also a priest) came to say mass with him. Asher got to serve as an altar boy. After the service, we rode the bus back to campus with some friends, and we all got lemonade and then went to dinner together. Our friend who had been in the hospital was there even though he still doesn’t feel well. By the way, he is trying to get to India for better medical care, so if you are a praying person it would be kind of you to remember him.

Last but not least, we were finally able to have good internet long enough to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It took us three different days, but we now know how it ends.


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