Little Projects


This week in Xi’an has been full of little projects. I started coding the data for a small survey I did on teacher’s attitudes towards MLA  8. I also met with the producer to discuss the part of a MOOC I’m going to help create. My co-worker and I divided up the chapters to translate into video, and I chose the section on writing a research paper. I also continued with another interview for my research on the Ecology of English Instruction at NPU. And I met with my friend Pricilla and discussed a future course in Christian education for children and youth.

In addition to the academic projects, we have been exploring new culinary delights that are not on the menu at a halal restaurant around the corner from the college. So far, we have enjoyed a total of three dishes that our friend Jabran went back into the kitchen and requested. They include shedore, naan pero, and youxiang de pero. The other important thing about this experience is bringing new people to try the amazing food with us. It is fun to see the delight on their faces. In fact, our friend Curtis initially declined to share the youxiang de pero. After the food came out, he went back into the kitchen and ordered some to take home.

We have also started focusing on the Lenten season. As a family, we are reading through the Gospel of John in Spanish. I am also trying to take a prayer walk every day to practice gratitude. Yesterday, though, I went for a ten-mile run instead. This is the longest I have been able to run since I left the US. I was especially grateful for Jeremy and Asher who ran various segments with me and who brought me a Gatorade around mile 7. That was one of the best parts of my week.


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