A Week In ShenZhen

Last Monday, we took the high speed train from Xi’an to Shenzhen. The train ride took nine hours, and we enjoyed seeing the farmland, mountains, and rivers as we crossed China.

This is the view from our hotel in Shenzhen.


On Tuesday, we took a walk along the beach, and then Jeremy and Asher decided to go for a swim. It was a bit cold for a swim (think Las Angeles in winter). Chinese people stood on the beach in their winter coats filming Jeremy and Asher while they swam…


On Wednesday, we took a taxi to the boarder between Mainland China and Hong Kong. We went through the boarder on foot, and then took a bus into Kowloon. There we found the Walled City of Kowloon Park. Apparently, it was a fort during the Opium Wars. After the Opium Wars, it became a lawless city. In the 1980s it was torn down, and now it is a museum and a lovely city park.

On Thursday, we went for a two hour hike up in the mountains. It felt just a little bit like home to us. We could hear the birds sing all around us.


On Friday, we hiked along the beach. We also ate breakfast at a place called Our Bread. We enjoyed eating at a German restaurant near our hotel as well.

Saturday we flew home. Asher was sick the whole time, and so he felt miserable. Sunday Jeremy and I had to start back to work with a beginning of the semester meeting. Things should get back to normal now.




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