After Nine Days in Thailand (The Israel Gulley Tour)

After nine amazing days in Thailand, I am back home to tell you all about it. The best part of Thailand for me was the Israel Gulley tour. By that I mean, during the 2014-2015 school year, the Paola Rotary sent my oldest son, Israel, to Thailand as a youth exchange student. Before we left for Thailand, we contacted his former host parents, and they went beyond reasonable expectations to show us around. The best part was seeing my son’s school and neighborhood.
After picking us up from the airport, Supin and Chamnan (host parents) took us to their neighborhood for lunch. Then we walked across the street to the high school where my son spent most of his time. Students on the playground said they remembered Israel, and we met several of his teachers. After photographs all around, we went upstairs and met Wirat, Israel’s councilor. It was such an honor to meet the people who still mean so much to our son.
Following the school tour, we bought food from the street vendors Israel loved. Then we saw the park where he reportedly ran barefoot for miles. We also saw the pitch where he played football after school. Unfortunately, we did not get to buy milk tea at Black Snow, the coffee shop across from the school that Israel reportedly visited every day. It was closed.
We did, however, get to visit the home where Israel lived for almost a year. It was lovely and comfortable which made me feel good. It was not too different from the house my son grew up in. There we met Supin’s mother and sister. We also met her son, Kim. He was an exchange student in the United States the year Israel lived with them.
That evening, we got to meet the past presidents, current president, and future president of the Bangkok area Rotary. We met them in the room where our son placed in the Thai speaking competition during his exchange.
We saw many exciting things during our stay, including markets, temples, and more than one zoo. We rode on a Ferris wheel, several boats, and a metro. We enjoyed parks, spas, and the pool at our hotel. But the best part was walking where on son walked the year he spent without us.


2 thoughts on “After Nine Days in Thailand (The Israel Gulley Tour)

  1. So glad to have met you. Just want to say thank you for allowing Israel to share many good things with us while he was staying here. I told my students to learn from him. It seemed only Israel gained the most. The most outstanding was his talent in Thai. I really enjoyed watching him speaking Thai. Do many good things of his to talk. He had left many unforgettable pictures to us, including his tears when saying goodbye to us all.
    I will miss him and you all.


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