Tourists in the New Year

This week, our son Israel came to visit. In honor of his visit, we trekked out to all of the tourist places we had not had time to visit before. Here are a few highlight from the week.

  • The Xi’an City Wall
  • Muslim Street
  • Francis Cathedral
  • The Terracotta Warriors Museum
  • Emperor Qin Shinhuang’s Mausoleum
  • Fengqing Park
  • Street hot pot
  • Nong Coffee
  • Tang West Market Plaza
  • Redfort Indian Restaurant

While he was here, our son taught us to play a card game called Mao. I’m not sure he was aware how close a metaphor for life in China the game actually is. When you begin playing the game, there are rules, but no one tells you what they are. However, if you break the rules, you receive a punishment. The more times you play the game, the easier it becomes and the more fun it becomes. Life in China is like this. There are a lot of confusing rules, and no one will tell you about them until you break them. But the more times you do any activity in China, the easier it becomes.

For example, we have taken the shuttle bus to and from the airport six times now. The first time we were not even sure where to find the bus station at the airport or how to tell them which bus we needed to take. Now we know to cross the street at the Starbucks, and to take the bus that leaves from gate 45. When the bus arrives at our station, we know to just walk home unless a number 24 or 43 bus happens by at a convenient time. There is no need to wait twenty minutes to go a few blocks.

Anyway, we rode back from the airport after seeing our son off, and we felt a bit melancholy without him here. Of course, it is January 9, and we are still trying to wrap up the fall semester. Hopefully today we will put that to rest. Then we can prepare for our epic trip to Thailand. Happy 2017!


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