Christmas Highlights 2016

  • Christmas Eve morning, Jeremy and I taught our children’s classes at Sun Jing’s school. Since it was Christmas, we both organized traditional classroom Christmas parties complete with presents and treats. At the very end of our time, we brought our classes together for a paper wad “snowball” fight. It was exhilarating.
  • Christmas Eve night, we shared a cab with our colleague, Tim, to a Christmas party at the home of our colleague, Stephanie. We did not know anyone else on the guest list, but we were delighted to meet several new friends. Plus, Stephanie introduced us to a French tradition called “13 Desserts” which is based on the Last Supper. Jeremy and a German friend, Marco, traded jokes all night. We had so much fun, we were surprised it was midnight when we packed up to go home.
  • Christmas morning Jeremy, Asher, and I opened the presents in our stockings, ate breakfast, and then opened presents under the tree. The big present this year is our trip to Thailand. We leave January 10. I was also excited to get new slippers, a box of snickers, and a beautiful letter from Asher telling me how awesome I am. (I need reminding from time to time.)
  • Christmas lunch was fantastic. Even though we don’t have an oven, Jeremy managed to prepare a roast and potatoes. I found bread and dessert at a bakery nearby. Then our friends DieuDonne, Jado, and Billy came by to eat with us and open presents. We gave DieuDonne a year full of Sundays (his favorite day). Billy was especially happy with the hat and gloves we got him since he did not bring his coat that day.
  • After Christmas lunch, we raced to church where Asher and Billy were to serve as altar boys. I also helped with the offering. It was so crowded, we did not get to sit together. Jeremy ended up sitting out in the foyer. And of course, after church it started to snow. So we waited for the bus home in a group of ten, and had to squish on in the back. Fortunately, we only had to go four stops.
  • Christmas night we stayed in, drank tea, and watched tv. What a blessing.
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