The Day the Mail Came

We had been waiting for ever. Asher’s feet are too big for the men’s shoes here, and he wore out his tennis shoes. (He is size 11 in the U.S. and 45 in China. Apparently no Chinese men have size 11 feet.) So I ordered him a pair from Amazon, and had them sent to my mom. She forwarded them right away, but it took the almost a month to get here.

In addition to Asher’s shoes, I was missing my coat. I had to put everything I brought with me into one suitcase that weighed right at 50 lbs. Of course, in summertime, I opted to leave my coat behind to make weight. In November, I was sorry I made that choice. Of course, my mom also found a way to wrap up my coat and send it.

I kept checking the little market (think gas station with no gas and no coffee) every day to see if the mail had arrived.

And then, on December 1, just like the powers that be were saving everything for advent, three packages and some letters arrived all at the same time. We were all delighted. My mom sent Jeremy two books that he requested and she filled every cranny of the packages with coffee and Reese’s.

In addition to the packages from my mom, we got one from Jane. And as a bonus, it had letters from good friends inside. She sent us books and blue halls. And of course, peach tea. What a beautiful day. I felt so loved.


One thought on “The Day the Mail Came

  1. awww, Beth, arent mothers so very wonderful??? I still miss mine so much. I am so glad you got such a delightful start to your Christmas celebration!


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