Ten New Things I Did This Week

  • I helped judge a speech competition for the Junior English Majors. They delivered a prepared speech and an impromptu speech.
  • I taught my children’s class to play Duck, Duck, Goose, and I had to make sure they were saying “duck” not “dog.” Either way, they were practicing the D sound.
  • I rode a bus to buy a Christmas tree. The tree is only about three feet high (because I had to carry it back home on the bus and then up several flights of stairs).
  • I made my own advent calendar out a clothes hanger.
  • We took someone in the mall’s suggestion for where to eat dinner, and that led us to an excellent Korean barbecue restaurant.
  • I visited Jeremy’s classes and discussed inductive teaching.
  • I got to explain why the line “anybody want a peanut?” from The Princess Bride is funny. (Also in Jeremy’s class.)
  • I ran six miles in my neighborhood while listening to Dora the Explorer and Barney songs. (It makes you run faster than you would think.)
  • I read The Rose by Li Young Lee. It’s the book that has his famous poem “Persimmons” in it.
  • I dropped Asher off at the university library so he could go with an aeronautics class to observe an experiment in the wind tunnel.

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