The word of the week is camaraderie, and we found it in several places. We have visiting scholars from Sweden who delivered lectures on “Doing Literary Research” last Wednesday and “Error Patterns in Swedish Student’s English Language Writing” this week.  Both of the lectures affirmed my current beliefs and inspired me to keep writing and noticing patterns in my students’ writing. The added bonus was that we enjoyed the fellowship of the other teachers in our department. Because our schedules are so different, we rarely see them. Meeting them during the lectures reminded us of how much we enjoy spending time with them.

The other place we found camaraderie is at church—as usual. This week we got a lesson in how to add money to our bus passes as well as how to say the days of the week in French from our friend Deo Adonai. After the service, we enjoyed our “lemon waters” and had dinner at a Muslim restaurant with Deo Adonai and our new friend Jado. They continued our French lesson as we ate lamb on a stick and my favorite bread. I left feeling very encouraged.

In addition to enjoying my colleagues and church friends, my freshman brought me joy again this week. They were working on the final “s” sounds in English (S, Z, EZ), so we played a modified version of “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to take…” We turned it into “Frank is very busy. Every day he….” They had to come up with present tense verbs to continue the pattern. The students did a good job of coming up with (and pronouncing) present tense singular verbs. But I managed to go last and remember twenty-four activities that busy Frank did. It was awesome.



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