The Top Ten Things I Love about China

img_03931Since this week we celebrated the China National Holiday all week, I thought I would give you a break from my usual days-of-the-week pattern. Instead, here is a list of the top ten things I love about China right now.

10) I love that every time I walk into my classroom building there is a lady at the front desk who offers me a paper cup and a packet of tea. I take it down the hall to the hot water dispenser, and I then have hot tea and/or coffee for the whole teaching day.
9) I love to ride the city buses in Xi’an. They remind me of the buses I rode in Latin America when I was a teenager.
8) I love the little snack shop in my neighborhood. We stop in there every evening whether we need to or not. The girl behind the counter, Ma Pei, helps me learn my numbers in Chinese. Plus she is always smiling.
7) I love the Fengqing Park by my house. It has a lake in the middle that I like to run around. It is full of people, and I never know what might happen when I am there. Once, strangers picked fruit from a tree there and offered it to us. This week, Jeremy and I got a lesson in a game that looked like volleyball only instead of a ball the players kick a disk covered in feathers.
6) I love how quiet our apartment is. In a city with so many people in it, it is nice to come home and feel like there is no world outside.
5) I love that we only get four channels on our tv, so we don’t have so many choices about what to watch. We have watched several movies we would not have picked that turned out to be pretty good. Last night, we watched 2012, and I woke up still thinking about it.
4) I love Nong Coffee. It is so cool there. You have to ride an elevator up to it. It has two floors, and wild décor. On the first floor they have a player piano and a stuffed peacock. Upstairs they have decorated the walls with stacks of books. We like to play Dutch Blitz there.
3) I love that eating out is cheaper than eating at home. And I love eating family style (with my family). We have found several restaurants where we are now “regulars.” The food in Xi’an is especially good.
2) I love my church, St. Francis Cathedral. I think I’ve mentioned this before. 
1) Most of all, I love all the new friends we have made since we have been here. This week while we were off of work we enjoyed spending time with friends and learning new things about the city.


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