The Week in Images

This week, we discovered new things about Xi’an, and we had the pleasure of spending time with some wonderful friends. Saturday, Asher studied Chinese calligraphy, and our friend Simon Kang took Jeremy and I to a petting zoo in a department store.img_03741

Sunday, we went back to church and met the priest. We also made several new friends there including a doctoral student from Burundi.  It turns out that today is the 300th anniversary of the church in Xi’an.

That evening, we went to dinner with one of my former students. She took us to a roof top restaurant, and we got to eat jellyfish for the first time. Spending time with her was the encouragement that I needed to recover from all of the bad things that happened the week before.


Monday and Tuesday I taught all day. I teach four hours each day, and then I met with students for at least two hours of conferences. Needless to say, those days are a bit of a blur. Wednesday, I enjoyed tutoring a high school girl named Annie who has been working through They Say/I Say on her own. She is so fun to talk to.

Thursday, I went for a five mile run in the park near my home. You can see we were having really nice weather.


Friday is my other intense teaching day. I heard the first round of speeches from my seniors, and then conferenced over second stage drafts with the sophomores. Then we missed the school bus, tried the city bus, and realized that the line was so long we should just wait an hour for the next school bus. Everyone seems to be traveling for the National Holiday.

Instead of traveling, our friend Curtis spent his only day off of high school (yes, this is Saturday, so he will go back to school tomorrow) showing us some awesome places we hadn’t visited yet. He took us to the history museum, out to lunch, and to an amazing park. This is us feeding the birds.  We also found the art museum and the concert hall. It has been a good week.



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