Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you. We are on holiday here in Xi’an. The most important part of this holiday, as far as I can tell, is the giving of Moon Cakes. The college gave us a beautiful box of moon cakes and so did several friends. And mostly, they are delicious.

This week has been a good teaching week. I had conferences with all of my sophomore writing students on Tuesday. I won’t meet with Public Speaking on Friday because of the holiday. Instead of just being off, though, we will make up our missed class time on Sunday. They are turning in the rough draft of their first speech. Tuesday I start teaching my Pronunciation class. I have the syllabus ready, and I have some first day activities planned. (Thank you Rebecca and Mom for giving me resources.)

In addition to teaching, this week we made discoveries and tried new things. Asher started taking a Chinese Calligraphy class. We visited an arts and crafts expo, and there we saw sculptures made out of whole trees. We found an Indian restaurant, and we learned that they offer cooking classes on Friday nights. (So I think we are going to learn how to make Samosas tomorrow.) And Jeremy found a place near our apartment to play ping pong.

But the best find of the week was a Fengquing Park. It has a lake in the middle, and a sidewalk loop that runs for about a mile. Today after we ran about four miles, we watched a musical performance, saw children driving golf carts, and were given a fruit I have never seen before. (And oh yeah, Jeremy ate popcorn and he liked it.)

Tonight, to cap off the holiday, I bought sunflowers and lilies from a street vendor. They remind me of so many of the places I have called home. Of course, we don’t have any vases or buckets, so we made an improvised one from a sprite bottle. It smells like home.img_03421img_03141


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